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We Get Rid of Unwanted Raccoons

Raccoons in the home or on your property can be a big problem because these mammals can carry canine distemper and rabies, which can be hazardous to unvaccinated dogs.

Rabies can also be transmitted to people or other animals. Feces from raccoons can also contain eggs of Baylisascaris procynis, a type of roundworm that can be extremely harmful to people.

Getting rid of a raccoon should be left to a professional. 

Damage Raccoons Cause

Raccoons can destroy attics, interior walls above garages and the crawl spaces under a home. Gardens are another area that Raccoons will dig up. They can also ruin lawns looking for worms and grubs underground.

Options for Raccoon Removal

Trapping: We install a one-way door trap to live trap the Raccoon. This is especially effective when the Raccoon is a mother and there is a litter of baby Raccoons nearby. This set-up allows the mother Raccoon to leave and not get back into the area (an attic for example). We then can protect the area by sealing up the openings which had allowed access. We later return to remove the trap and captured the Raccoon.

Exclusion: We use special stainless steel (non-rusting) material which prevents the intrusion of Raccoons into a sealed area.

How To Get Started

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Our Process

Phone Consultation

The first step is to get on the phone and get an understanding of your situation to determine the best plan to rid you of the unwanted raccoon. This consultation is quick and we can call you or you can call us. There is always someone standing by to answer your call. 24/7/365


Using methods including traps and baits, we will get the raccoon out. Then we will patch, seal and secure any vulnerable entry points to keep intruders out for good.


At an agreed-upon date, we will come back out and check on the traps and determine if is additional work needed to be done to trap and exclude the raccoon.