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At first glance, raccoons may appear to be cute and cuddly but the reality is that they can wreak havoc on your life and your home. If you think you may have an issue with raccoons in Sacramento, it’s important to choose a raccoon removal service you can trust. Read on to learn more about raccoons, why they pose a threat and the best methods to get them evicted from your property once and for all.

Why Raccoons Want to Live in or Near Your Home

Raccoons are natural burglars, to it makes sense that they want to be located near a convenient food source. Most people end up with raccoons in their houses in Sacramento because they leave things like food and trash out in the open. Garbage cans that are not completely secure can be extremely tempting for a raccoon to pillage. Once the word gets out that they have an easy meal, more and more of these pesky critters can start to convene on your property. During the cold winter months, female raccoons are looking for a safe, warm place to give birth and care for their young. Cozy attics, basements, and crawlspaces make the perfect place for these animals to nest for the winter. When your attic or perimeter of the home is not properly sealed, it’s like an open invitation for raccoons to move in. An open vent hole, open soffit, or torn area in the foundation are all proposals for raccoons to come inside and terrorize your home.

Are Raccoons Dangerous to Humans?

At first glance, raccoons seem sweet and innocent but the fact is that they can pose a serious risk to human health.  One of the most common concerns about safety when it comes to raccoons is that they could potentially carry rabies. Rabies is a dangerous disease that can spread from animals to humans. If you encounter a rabid raccoon, don’t attempt to approach it. Instead, call your local animal control or a professional raccoon removal company. Keep children and pets away from the animal until you are sure it’s been removed from your property. Another way raccoons can pose a risk to humans is through their feces. When these animals nest inside your basement or attic, they leave nasty excrement behind. Those droppings can make your entire home smell foul, and they’re also extremely unpleasant to clean up. Another way that a raccoon can make your life miserable is through the damage they can do to your home. These mammals will tear up your insulation and shred it so they can make a comfortable, cozy nest for their babies. Some raccoons will also chew the wiring in your home which can result in a fire hazard and some pretty expensive electrical repairs. Raccoons are amazing climbers, which means it’s very easy for them to climb up poles, walls, and trees in order to gain access to your home. It’s important to be aware of the potential presence of raccoons in your neighborhood so you can spot them quickly and get them removed.

Who You Should Call for Raccoon Removal

If you verify that you have raccoons in your Sacramento home, it’s crucial to contact the right people to have them removed. Most animal control departments won’t deal with wild animals, so you should contact a professional wildlife removal service. A trusted removal service will help you eliminate the raccoons in an ethical, sustainable way. You should never attempt to remove raccoons yourself, as you run the risk of getting bit and contracting rabies or making the problem worse. Always rely on a professional raccoon removal service who understands these animals and how they operate. They will be able to effectively trap and remove the animals permanently from your property to keep you, your family, and the entire community safe.

The Three-Step Removal Process

The best way to permanently remove raccoons from your home in Sacramento is through an effective, three-step removal process. The first step is for you to contact a wildlife removal service so they can perform a quick assessment of the problem. Make sure you state exactly where you’ve seen or heard the raccoon and if you know how many there are. After your consultation, the raccoon removal service will determine the next steps for the best results. Using a combination of baits and traps, they will be able to confine the raccoon and transport it to a new location. Additionally, a process called exclusion will be used to ensure that more raccoons don’t return in the future. Exclusion involves using a special rust-resistant material made from stainless steel. This material ensures that the raccoons and any other wildlife will not return in the future since it keeps them from entering the newly sealed area. Finally, the third step in the removal process is a re-inspection. The removal service will return to your property to look for any possible signs of re-entry and for the presence of any more raccoons to give you peace of mind.

Say Goodbye to Raccoons Forever

Whether you have a nice, warm attic or extra garbage, it’s no reason to deal with raccoons in or around your Sacramento home. Choose a professional raccoon removal service that can help you safely trap and transport the animals while giving you the added layer of protection you need. Make sure you do your part to prevent raccoon invasions by keeping your garbage cans sealed and closing all holes and other points of entry around the home.

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