Trapped Fox

Recently, we were at a customer’s home taking care of a Vole Infestation when I came across a spot where a trap should have been. I say should because it was missing! After about 20 minutes of searching, I found my trap with 1/2 of a Vole in it (yeah, exactly the visual you are imagining…).

Fox Den in Rock Wall
A Fox den is in this rock wall. See the entrances along the bottom right.

It was near a large rock wall, which was below the homeowner’s landscape. There were other obvious signs that ‘something’ was living there.

After discussing the discovery with the homeowners, we decided to place a Have a Heart trap out. We wanted to know what was living in the area. It could have been an Opossum or Skunk. As it turned out, it was a Grey Fox.

The homeowners were very pleased to know that the Fox was on their property and is doing exactly what it should be… eating Voles.

And in this particular case, everyone was happy that we had not started a poison bait station to get the Vole population under control. A dead or poisoned Vole would not be a good food source to a Fox. Instead, we had been trapping Voles due to the dogs which roamed back yard area.

Fox in Trap
Fox trapped in a Have A Heart Trap. The little critter was a little worried to see us, but was happy to be freed as it looked back at us scampering off.

We let the Fox go and it scampered off into the distance. It will likely return to its den and normal routine on their property in the next few days. In fact, they named the critter “Grey” and look forward to seeing the Fox on their property again.

It sure was an exciting discovery!



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