Gopher Snake

This harmless snake is common throughout California, and is active during the day. Often found in yards and gardens.

King SnakeKing Snake

This harmless snake is common throughout most of California. It is active day and night. It is variable in appearance and can black or brown, and banded or striped.

Gartner Snake

These harmless snakes are common in many habitats throughout the state, typically in areas near water.

Damage Non-Venomous Snakes Cause

Non-Venomous Snakes are beneficial by helping to control rodent populations in the area. However, most homeowners and businesses do not like snakes on their property.

Options for Non-Venomous Snake Removal

Trapping: We place live capture traps in the Non-Venomous Snake activity which will entangle them. We return to remove the trap and captured Non-Venomous Snake.

Exclusion: We use special stainless steel (non-rusting) material which prevents the intrusion of Non-Venomous Snakes into a sealed area.