Rattle Snake Head

Recently while helping a customer in Shingle Springs, we came across a Rattle Snake in the road. It was a rather large Rattle Snake, about 31″ from head to tail.

Rattle Snake 31inch

Having already been hit by a car, one would think it would no longer pose a threat.

Not true.

Even though it was dead, there is still a risk from getting injured or bit. The best course of action is to have a professional handle the dead body. If that isn’t possible, then carefully remove the head and bury it so that nobody can be injured. The remaining body can be discarded.

Rattle Snake Tail

Generally, snakes such as King Snakes, Gartner Snakes, and Gopher Snakes are good to have in your area. They are nature’s rodent control. In certain cases though, such as with a Rattle Snake, there is a risk to have them near homes and businesses.

Have a problems with snakes? We do have Snake Exclusion services. Give us a call or submit a Request a Quote for assistance.


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