Skunk Removal in Sacramento

As the climate changes, so does the behavior of Sacramento skunks. In 2018, local news sources reported the skunk mating season was starting early and that the skunk smell in Sacramento was getting stronger. As the skunk population of Sacramento increases, skunk removal becomes increasingly important. If you have a skunk in the house, there are certain signs you need to look out for and steps you must take to remove it safely.

Read on to find out more about how to remove a skunk from your Sacramento house.

Beware the Spray

Mature skunks don’t often release their infamous spray unless they feel threatened. Adolescent skunks are more likely to spray you because they tend to be a little more skittish. Note that the spray isn’t lethal, but it does linger and it could cause eye and nose irritation.

To avoid getting sprayed, try not to trap the skunk in a corner or enclosed space. If you’re moving towards it, make sure that you’re coaxing it towards an open door or window. This may be difficult if you have a skunk in the basement or a skunk in the attic, where exit routes are minimal.

Warning Signs of an Angry Skunk

Skunks will warn you that they’re feeling threatened and it’s best that you heed their advice to back off!
Warning signs include stamping their front feet, raising their tail straight in the air, and twisting their rear end in your direction. They may also hiss or charge towards you.

Does This Skunk Have Rabies?

People often fear that wild animals have rabies. Fortunately, there are some clear telltale signs that an animal has rabies.

For starters, skunks are nocturnal animals. If they’re out and about during the day, they probably have rabies.

In addition, skunks with rabies behave strangely. They walk around with a wobble, almost as though they are intoxicated. They also react with less fear when they encounter humans and may even harm themselves as the distemper worsens.

Do not go near a skunk with rabies. If you have pets, make sure they are safe and secure in an area where the skunk cannot reach them.

When to Call Wildlife Control for Skunk Removal

Chances are, you don’t have a ton of experience in skunk trapping and removal. If a skunk is in your house, it’s probably in your best interest to call a wildlife control center that specializes in skunk removal.

If a skunk begins to display the warning signs that they feel threatened or if they have rabies, do not try to remove them yourself. While a disease-free skunk isn’t necessarily dangerous, that spray will stick to your clothes and hair for a long time! A skunk with rabies is dangerous and you should always avoid coming into contact with it.

Skunk Removal In Sacramento

If you need skunk removal in Sacramento, Perry’s Wildlife Control is happy to help. Note that the city will not take care of skunks for you, which is why we’ve made it our mission to take care of any skunk problem in the region!

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