At Perry’s Wildlife Control, we have an arsenal of equipment and go over strategy options with you prior to executing a plan of action to remove Gophers, Moles, or any of the other invasive animals, including Rat Control, Trapping and Exclusion Service on your property.

We also have large Agricultural pest control equipment we use which allow us to cover large areas of land and property, such as performing Mice or Mole removal on orchards, vineyards, parks and schools.


We use two different types of traps. Lethal and Non-Lethal.

  • Lethal Traps generally are used for Gophers, Moles, Voles and Ground Squirrels.
  • Non-Lethal traps are generally used for Raccoons, Opossums, Ground Squirrels and Skunks.

Though, depending on the circumstances either trap may be used to remove the animal.

Burrow BlockerBurrow Blocker System

The patented Burrow Blocker system pumps a slurry of water & sand into the Ground Squirrel tunnels and dens. The water is absorbed into the soil, leaving the sand to seal the burrow and captures the rodents underground. It eliminates the squirrels shelter, food storage and entry hole. This will greatly reduce your liability and make your property a safer place.

PERC SystemP.E.R.C. System

The P.E.R.C. System: Pure exhaust (2.5% carbon monoxide, CO) is captured off a gas engine that drives a compressor, cooled, pressurized, and injected into the burrow of a burrowing rodent. The air in the burrow is purged very rapidly. The rodent is engulfed almost immediately in a high concentration of CO gas and overcome before it has a chance to escape or block the burrow.

Poison and Poison Bait Stations

We use a particular type of poison which eaten will kill the animal. This is used generally for Gophers, Moles and Voles. Though, we customers have livestock  in the area that is in need of service, we will not use poison and will trap instead.


Depending upon the situation you are experiencing, we may recommend a partial or full exclusion. This could either be at the roof line (in the case of Raccoons and Opossums, or even Rats and Birds) or along the base of the home (in the case of Ground Squirrels, Skunks, Opossums and Snakes).