Our Service Areas

We offer our animal removal services in the Greater Sacramento area and surrounding counties. Please refer to the list of Counties and Cities below.

Don’t see your location? Contact us anyhow as we do take on jobs outside our normal areas from time to time.

Our Process

Phone Consultation

The first step is to get on the phone and get an understanding of your situation to determine the best plan to rid you of the unwanted wildlife. This consultation is quick and we can call you or you can call us. There is always someone standing by to answer your call. 24/7/365


Using methods including traps and baits, we will get wildlife out. Then we will patch, seal and secure any vulnerable entry points to keep intruders out for good.


At an agreed-upon date, we will come back out and check on the traps and determine if is additional work needed to be done to trap and exclude the wildlife.

Why choose Perry's Wildlife Control?

My name is Bryce Perry, I own and operate Perry’s Wildlife Control. When you call us for help, you know who will be coming out. Me, Bryce Perry. I always come to jobs in uniform with a clean truck.

All processes I employ for eradication are regarded as green pest control measures, resulting in zero secondary poisonings as well as minimal impact on the landscape.

I am the only business in the Sacramento area that has specialized equipment for the expressed purposes of eliminating ground pests and rodents with negligible negative environmental effects and maximum success in terms of extermination rates.

I am licensed with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (Lic. #40319). I am fully insured and registered with Sacramento County and surrounding counties to use the EPA approved P.E.R.C. System and Burrow Blocker. I am also a licensed Trapper with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Lic. #TP-10404).

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