MoleThe Mole is a small insect-eating mammal. Contrary to a commonly held belief, it isn’t part of the rodent family. In California, Moles inhabit the Sierra Nevada, coastal range mountains and foothills, and the entire coastal zone.

Moles live almost entirely underground in a vast network of interconnecting tunnels. They frequently create shallow tunnels just below the surface where they capture worms, insects, and other invertebrates. They may infrequently consume roots, bulbs, and other plant material. For these reasons, many people want to exterminate Moles to stop the damage they are causing.

Damage Moles Cause

Moles indirectly kill plants by removing the soil from the area around a plant’s roots. Moles do not eat plant roots, rather they push them aside and go after the worms and grubs in the soil. Moles can indirectly destroy lawns, gardens, and generally make your once beautiful landscaped property into an area filled with dirt mounds.

Options for Mole Removal

Trapping: We place traps in the Mole burrow which will kill on a trigger event. We return to remove the trap and captured Moles.

Gassing: We do not gas moles due to their burrows being so close to the surface.

Poisoning: We locate a burrow and insert poison bait into the tunnel(s). The effectiveness varies with this as we do not physically remove the Mole at the time. Also, we will not use this option if you have pets which roam around your yard.

Exclusion: We use special stainless steel (non-rusting) material which prevents the intrusion of Moles into a sealed area.

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