Rodent Control for Mice

Mice thrive under a variety of conditions; they are found in and around homes and commercial structures as well as in open fields and on agricultural land. House mice consume and contaminate food meant for humans, pets, livestock, or other animals. In addition, they cause considerable damage to structures and property, and they can transmit pathogens that cause diseases such as salmonellae, a form of food poisoning.

Damage Mice Cause

Mice can damage to insulation, roofs, electrical wiring, HVAC systems, and vehicles.

Options for Mice Removal

Trapping: We place traps in the around the areas of activity which will kill on a trigger event. We return to remove the trap and captured Mouse. Trapping is the most common method to deal with a mouse infestation.

Gassing: We do not gas Mice as they are typically interior pests or in places where gassing is not a viable option.

Poisoning: Poisoning is done with a secured poison bait station that is both child and pet safe.

Exclusion: We use special stainless steel (non-rusting) material which prevents the intrusion of Mice into a sealed area. This is common for exclusions for attics, roof lines, and/or crawl spaces. Exclusions can use a combination of methods that include trapping too. Exclusions are the best option to completely eradicate an infestation.

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