Ground SquirrelGround Squirrels live in a burrow system where they sleep, rest, rear young, store food, and avoid danger. The burrow openings are about 4 inches in diameter but can vary considerably. The burrows can be 5 to 30 feet or more in length and can extend 2 to 4 feet below the soil surface. Often there is more than one opening in a burrow system. Ground Squirrels live in colonies that can include several dozen animals in a complex of burrows. More than one Ground Squirrel can live in a burrow.

Their body measures 9 to 11 inches, while their semi-bushy tail adds another 5 to 9 inches in length. Their fur is brownish gray and speckled with off white along the back; the sides of the head and shoulders are light gray to whitish.

Damage Ground Squirrels Cause

Ground Squirrels undermine foundations and driveways by weakening them and causing cracks.

Options for Ground Squirrel Removal

Trapping: Depending upon the scenario, we will use a multi-catch live trap or a kill trap. We place traps in or near the Ground Squirrel burrow which will trigger an event. We return to remove the trap and captured Ground Squirrel.

Gassing: We locate a burrow and pump Carbon Monoxide gas into the tunnel(s). After gassing, the tunnels can be filled with expanding material. This removes that access point for the Ground Squirrel and reduces the re-infestation.

Poisoning: Poisoning is not an option we typically recommend, but can be done with a secured poison bait station that is both child and pet safe.

Exclusion: We use special stainless steel (non-rusting) material which prevents the intrusion of Ground Squirrels into a sealed area.

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