Rat Evidence in the Attic

How to deal with Rats is a common question we receive when a home, or business, owner contacts us about a Rat Exclusion or Trapping service.

There are a few basic topics we discuss with customers, and things we look for, when we are call us out to help resolve a problem. These include:

  • Is there a food source nearby?
  • Is there a water source nearby?
  • Is there easy access to the roof or other entry points into the house or building?

When it comes to attic Rats, they have to come in from the outside and most likely come and go whenever they please. Meaning, they have either chewed their way in through a wall, roof or vent. In some cases, there are more obvious intrusion points, such as a cracked garage door or screen door in need of repair.

As part of our inspection, we thoroughly look over the house or building looking for such entry points. Once the investigation is complete, at that time we go over the Rat Removal Service options we would recommend to the customer.

If you are having problems with Rats or Mice, contact us today for help!


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