Rat Trapped and Still Alive

In this line of work, you see some strange things. What we encountered today was one of those strange things.

The trap we use to exterminate Rats are not very forgiving. In fact, there is always that voice in the back of my brain saying, ‘Don’t get you finger trapped while setting the trap…’. Now, this has never happened, but if it ever did… my day would be ruined and finger would likely be mess up pretty bad. And that is the optimistic view.

With all that said, these traps kill Rats (or Mice) instantly.

However, this greedy little Rat had been tormenting our customer. The rat had been banging pipes, climbing up and down the wall and damaging their chimney, but that all stopped when he went for the goodie in the trap. Or, it should have…

It should have killed him, but the little guy almost managed to just get enough of his head in to taste the goodies, but not quick enough to back out completely before the trap snapped. I say almost because his snout got caught. It was a nasty gruesome instance of a ‘not quite dead‘ trap.

After putting this guy out of his misery, we checked the other traps to see if he had any friends.

If you are hearing noises in your attic or under your home, it is possible that you need a Rat Exclusion or Mice Removal Service. Give us a call to discuss your issue or Request a Quote.

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