Animal Bones

We were recently called out to investigate the possibility of a Raccoon making a home for itself under a customer’s house.

The home owner had been hearing loud noises, rustling and ”chatter” under the floor at times late at nite.

We discovered the entry point the animal, or animals, were using to get under the house and came up with a strategy to remove that access point.

The surprise though, was when we opened the access floor board to the area under the house. We found the skeletal remains of a medium sized animal (long since dead), and a couple cans of beer. Not our brand  choice for a beer…but hey, what do Raccoons know about good beer, right?

Needless to say, we removed beer cans and the remains of a critter that simply drank to much and never woke up.

Obviously, his Raccoon buddy was still using the area to live, but after we excluded and secured potential entry points… it put a stop to future parties under this home owner’s house.



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