Trapped Opossum

Even though we have been busy trapping critters, we have been working on a new web site for our existing and new customers.

Since our past web site need some attention, we embarked on a complete redesign that is usable on any platform, PC, Tablet, or Mobile device.  It will now display properly on smart phones too.

All content on this site has been updated as well as adding several new images. We plan to add more images to a gallery over the coming weeks.

With all this new content, we have implemented a more intuitive header navigation that will make locating information easier.

We have also expanded our animal removal service regions to include many new counties and cites. See the Service Regions section.

Lastly, we also now have a Request a Quote page where you may submit your information and we will respond within 1-3 hours.

We hope you enjoy this blog. Watch for more updates in the future!


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