Live Mole Trapped

Most people have heard of a Mole, but seldom understand the differences between Moles and Gophers.

While a Gopher is like a little ‘Pac-Man’ eating and chewing through roots, Moles are looking for grubs and worms… pushing the roots aside. These dangling roots in the Mole tunnels then starve for the nutrients they would usually get from the soil. Thus, indirectly killing the lawn, plants or other vegetation.

Below is a rare look at a captured and trapped Mole. Normally, the trap will kill the animal instantly. In this case, the Mole’s skin was pierced. Thus, pinning it in place in the trap.

The Mole in this video was exterminated after the brief 36 second instructional video.

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If you are see mounds of dirt in your lawn or landscape, it could be one, or more, of these little guys. Contact us today so that we may help put an end to the destruction that Moles are causing to your yard.


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