Horse and Ground Squirrel Holes

Horses… I love them. So beautiful and incredible in the way they move. Having said that, I can’t ride worth a can of beans. Is there such a thing a a beginner-beginner horse?

We were called out to a home owner’s property who had a few horses that were having their area invaded by Ground Squirrels. These varmints, aka: Ground Squirrels, were leaving holes in their walk path, the horse’s stable, under boulders, under a big oak tree, several areas around and outside the horse pen and along the hillside adjacent to the property.

Yeah, a lot of places. Basically, a major Ground Squirrel infestation that if left untreated, could pose serious harm to the horses walking in what should be a safe place.

After discussing the situation and areas of concern with the home owner, we came up with a plan to gas the Ground Squirrels. Of course, this was on a day that it was 100+ degrees, about an acre or two of property to walk around, and not a breeze in the air. But I digress…

A few hours later, with horses and geese from a nearby pond watching, some 50 holes were gassed and covered.


If you are see holes and burrows around your landscape, it could be one, or more, of these little guys. Contact us today so that we may help put an end to the destruction that Ground Squirrels are causing to your property.

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