We use a specific type of trap for our Ground Squirrel Trapping Service. They are sturdy and well built and have not had any problems using them.  That is, until we encountered this particular Ground Squirrel which I have named “Godzilla”.

This was a very large Ground Squirrel. One of the bigger ones I have seen. What makes this critter interesting is that he pulled the cage apart inside to get out.

According to the homeowner, when they contacted us in the morning, there were 2 Ground Squirrels in the trap. By the time we got to their home later that morning, there was just the one.

Godzilla had ripped the bars off the cage, allowing his cell mate to escape. However, Godzilla was too large to escape and became pinned between the remaining bars. He died in this position.

Quite a thing to see.

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