The Gopher, Mole, Vole and Ground Squirrel Exterminators!

Pocket Gopher Trapping and Removal Service
This Pocket Gopher chomped his way thru one customer’s tomato garden. After PWC came, there were no more free lunches for this guy!

The only “GREEN” solution to your burrowing rodent problem! Don’t let Ground Squirrels, Gophers, Moles and Voles ruin your lawn or garden!

We specialize in Gopher Removal Services, Mole Removal Services, Vole Removal Services, Ground Squirrel Trapping, Raccoon Exclusion, Opossum Exclusion, Skunk Exclusion, and Snake Removal Services. Our customers are Residential Home Owners, Businesses, Parks, Schools, Orchards and Vineyards.

Destruction from Below!

From trapping to exclusions, we provide several options for animal removal services. We offer a variety of solutions to exterminate your Gopher, Mole, Vole, Ground Squirrel, Raccoon, Opossum, Skunk, and Snake problems.

Put an end to the damage, destruction and frustration that these critters can cause to your lawn, garden or landscape!

Norway Rat Caught

We routinely trap, capture and exclude these pests from homes, gardens, schools and businesses. In addition, we have had orchards, vineyards, apartment complexes, and parks use our removal services.

Contact us now to eliminate and exterminate Gophers, Moles, Voles, Ground Squirrels, Rats and Mice that are damaging your property! Let us trap and remove Raccoons, Opossums and Skunks that have invaded your home and business!

Simply fill out the Request a Quote form and submit it to us. We will call you back the same day. Or, if you prefer, call us directly at 916-606-5173.

No removal or exclusion is too big or small!